What Can Happen If You Don’t Treat Varicose Veins

So many people associate the vein problem solely with the mere cosmetic reason but the story is different, they can be really harmful if not taken into consideration at the appropriate time. In this article we will discuss the things that could happen if the vein problem doesn’t get addressed promptly by the varicose vein doctor near me. Below mentioned are some hidden ailments of having varicose veins:


Blood Clot

Blood clots are extremely prevalent in the case of varicose veins. This should not be taken lightly in any manner. While most of the clots occur in the dead and faulty veins, they can seldom get moved into the deep veins which can be lethal as the clot can travel into the bloodstream and eventually into the lungs. In the lungs the clot will cause great harm to the important process of respiration and might take a deadly toll on your health. The best thing any sane person can do to eliminate the vein problem and the chances of developing blood clots is to consult a best varicose vein doctor near me

In some conditions the blood clot can develop in the vein developing a prevalent condition called thrombophlebitis. When you have the problem you are likely to feel inflammation and the blood veins are aching and sore.

Leg Ulcers And Wounds

What you may think to be a simple and innocent problem can boil up and bring bad swelling in the region of calves and legs. As the time proceeds, the veins will create hyperpigmentation or be the cause of skin darkening and discoloration. If you are on this stage you can feel painful venous leg ulcers which are supposed to be the final stage of the vein related problems. If you and your close one is on this stage consult the varicose vein treatment near me to improve the condition. 


Varicose veins which are very near to the skin surface are at higher risk of bleeding if one gets scratch from the particular place. In most of the cases bleeding is quite severe and you need consultation from the best varicose vein doctor for correcting the condition right away. 


Chronic Venous Insufficiency

When blood in your body doesn’t circulate in the manner as it is supposed to, you are likely to interfere with the course that your skin interacts with the blood. For example, it will interfere with the way that your skin intake and absorb the nutrients, excretion of the waste products, and diffusion of oxygen in the blood.

Remedies to treat the varicose veins without the help of varicose vein doctor

To dodge the harmful complications that come with the different procedural alternatives you must focus on the natural treatment alternatives. The most potent remedies that you can think of: including vitamin C in your diet, massaging from the castor oil, apple cider vinegar and mustard oil before going to bed.


This is the most important information that you must know about vein diseases. Since the vein problems are severe enough that it can cause the severe complications as mentioned above, you should make it very certain that you should consult with the specialist at varicose vein pain treatment prior taking any measures on them

Article Source : https://vip-medical-group.mystrikingly.com/blog/what-can-happen-if-you-don-t-treat-varicose-veins

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