Knee Pain – Symptoms, Reasons and Remedies

Knee pain can be very debilitating, being one of the most worn-out and typical joints of the human body. The strength of the knee is because of our ligaments, muscles and the actual joint formation. Being in the course of a regular day, the knee goes through so many ranges of motions, like sitting, walking, standing etc.

The knee also helps out the volume in conjunction with the feet. Because of this strain, we put our knees through there can be torn out the muscle, cartilage or the joint itself. Some of the pain can be healed with the use of anti-pain ointments or medicine, more intense cases need medical help for a more practical treatment while some people have even had their


These can vary from patient to patient and can range from little to acute pain.

* Pain while doing normal daily activities like walking and sitting. 

* Burning sensation around the joint. 

* Sensitivity around the area 

* Instability or involuntary jerk 

* Not being flexible 

* A feeling of roughness in the joint.  

* Popping 

* Stiffness 

*  Damage or injury to the knee 

* Having body aches and back pain or long-term ailments. 

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Traditionally caused by ageing or injury – damage, in today’s lifestyle there are more various causes of this problem that can lead you orthopaedic surgeon New Jersey

* Prolonged arthritis 

* Osteoarthritis 

* Arthritis or knee injury

* Gout 

* Rheumatoid arthritis 

* Bursitis 

* Tendonitis

Moreover, of course, all the injuries can be more severe due to overuse e.g. dislocation, torn ligaments, cartilage injury etc. Painful knee injuries or damage can cause hindrance in a person’s lifestyle; some may require surgery type treatment while others need rehabilitation therapy For recovering fast.

Natural Remedies

These remedies can cure only mild level of pain for intense case consult orthopaedic surgeon NJ

1) Relaxing massages – using coconut, olive oil or almond oil, warm it up and gently rub your on the knee in a circular motion. This will boost better blood flow to the area and soothes any inflammation that maybe there, thus calming effect in the pain area.

2) Herbs – Rosemary, basil and Boswellia are well known for their abilities and healing properties, which help to calm and alleviate pain or inflammation.

3) Diet – Being overweight can cause infinite knee problems. It is heavily suggested that you go on a particular diet and manage to get back in your ideal weight and measurement. 

4) Workout – Don’t do the exercises that put a strain on the damaged knee, but focus on doing some strength-building workout to develop the strength of the knee.

Painful knee issues can also be better from a well-balanced diet plan, keep drinking your 2 litres of water plan each day and cut down the intake of salt, fat, alcohol and processed sugars like juices and cold drinks or fast food. 

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